Huafon ESS Flexes Muscle in Energy Solutions at SNEC 2023

Huafon ESS Flexes Muscle in Energy Solutions at SNEC 2023

Huafon ESS made a stunning appearance with its full product matrix of energy storage, winning full recognition from customers with its full strength at the 16th (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai from May 24-26.

From June 14 to 16, Huafon ESS, with a full range of products for home energy storage, commercial and industrial energy storage, portable energy storage and the Moose Cloud Energy Management Platform, made a splendid appearance at Intersolar Europe 2023 in Munich, Germany, attracting the attention of nearly 100 companies from Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and other countries.

Taking this expo as its debut in the European market, Huafon ESS focused on showcasing its extraordinary energy storage strength, and vividly demonstrated its original intention of always putting market demand in the first place.

Immersive Experience of JoyDeer 600 usage

The portable power station JoyDeer 600 on display, as a heavy new product of Huafon ESS, received key attention. In order to let the exhibitors better feel the advantages of this product, Huafon ESS also designed the outdoor use scenario in the booth, and with solar charging panels for realistic display. 

The arrangement of tents and camping chairs made the exhibitors instantly placed outdoors and realize the practicality of this "big charging treasure".

and realize the practicality of this "big charging treasure".

With a compact body, the JoyDeer 600 can meet the charging needs of common appliances up to 1200W rated power, and can charge 9 devices at the same time.

Compared with other similar products, the JoyDeer 600 has a built-in BMS intelligent battery management system, with multiple factory tests, 9 protection design and real-time alarm settings, always guarantee the every safety requirement for equipment use.

Touch to the Smart Home Energy

The application of residential energy storage systems can store excessive clean electricity for emergency use. While optimizing the energy mix and saving money on electricity consumption, it helps eliminate the volatility and instability of renewable energy sources and reduces the total energy cost of households.

High electricity prices and policy support in Europe have led to a rapidly growing demand for household storage in ordinary households.

In this expo, Huafon ESS showcased its high-voltage and low-voltage residential energy storage series, with power capacities ranging from 5.12kWh to 20.48kWh, meeting the different requirements of ordinary and large families in all aspects.

With four working modes, the home energy storage system can flexibly solve different electricity consumption problems such as high electricity price, frequent power outage, and no grid power supply, which can really "turn loss into value" and make customers on site give a thumbs up.

Smart Control of All Sets

Huafon ESS' intelligent energy storage control system was also hotly discussed by customers from many countries.

The system applies artificial intelligence, big data and other high-tech, integrating intelligent control, energy storage management and data analysis. Through this system, users can realize the energy management and control of the whole series of products.

Two cell phones were placed at the booth, with the Huafon ESS App connecting to the JoyDeer 600, real-time display of the device's power, remaining time, battery status, etc.. 

This display attracted the curiosity and stopping of many customers, allowing them to operate and feel the intelligence and convenience of the system. One customer said, "This makes me really feel the power of technology."

The system enables more efficient energy utilization and less energy consumption through intelligent control and optimization of the energy system. The system can also digitally present the status information of energy storage equipment, so that users can understand the operation of equipment and energy storage at any time.

The application of Huafon ESS intelligent energy management system will help improve energy utilization efficiency, reduce energy consumption and take a big step towards a zero carbon future.

In this exhibition, Huafon ESS fully demonstrated its strength and consistent innovation ability in the field of energy storage, and won the favor and praise of many overseas customers.

In the future, Huafon ESS will continue to adhere to the mission of "making energy safer, more efficient, and cleaner", and continue to promote technological innovation and product upgrades to provide better and more comprehensive energy storage solutions for global customers.

Huafon ESS Flexes Muscle in Energy Solutions at SNEC 2023

Making energy safer, more efficient, and cleaner


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