Huafon ESS Announces "Moose Cloud Platform & Moose Cube" to Provide Cloud-side Collaborative Intelligent Guardianship for Green Power

Huafon ESS Announces "Moose Cloud Platform & Moose Cube" to Provide Cloud-side Collaborative Intelligent Guardianship for Green Power

On April 28th, Huafon ESS successfully held a new product launch in Hangzhou, announcing the official launch of "Moose Cloud Platform & Moose Cube" cloud-side integrated solution.

On April 28th, Huafon ESS successfully held a new product launch in Hangzhou, announcing the official launch of "Moose Cloud Platform & Moose Cube" cloud-side integrated solution.


The solution aims to provide digital intelligence operation services for integrated energy projects, empowering projects through "software + hardware" solutions, ensuring asset safety and stable operation, enhancing asset utilization efficiency and improving economic efficiency.


Mr. You Feihuang, vice president of Huafon Group, together with the senior management of Huafon Group, Mr. Si Linjun, deputy chief Engineer of CEC East China Survey and Design Institute, Mr. Luo Zhonggao, chief engineer of China Energy Construction Group Zhejiang Electric Power Design Institute, Mr. Bai Jinwen, ESS Artisan Society, Mr. Dong Shufeng, general manager of Huafon ESS Product R&D and Associate Professor of Zhejiang University School of Electrical Engineering, and Mr. Shen Zhihao of TÜV Rheinland participated in the conference.


A roundtable discussion session was held, where relevant experts discussed in depth the current situation of the ESS industry and digital development and other hot topics.

Huafon ESS Announces "Moose Cloud Platform

Digital Intelligent Energy Management System, Empowering Enterprises to Implement “Double Carbon” Goals


Currently, the proportion of new energy in the energy system is increasing rapidly. Due to the natural instability of renewable energy generation, it is urgent to get the support of supporting energy system system to realize the large-scale access of renewable energy.


Under this trend, how to realize the refinement of energy consumption intelligent management has become an urgent problem, the number of intelligent has become an important development direction of the ESS industry can not avoid.


However, the industry is also facing many obstacles on this development path. Dong Shufeng introduced in his speech at the conference that energy management systems in the ESS industry are generally weak in universality, difficult to expand or migrate, high technical threshold, poor user interactivity, as well as lack of cloud-side collaboration, poor reliability and other problems, and it is urgent to solve these problems.


In order to solve such problems, Huafon ESS is deeply engaged in the research of intelligent and refined energy management solutions, making up for the shortcomings of hardware in scenario-based applications through software, with a view to improving customers' ability to solve the painful demands of the whole scenario.

Huafon ESS Announces "Moose Cloud Platform

With strong technical strength and rich industry experience, Huafon ESS launched the "Moose Cloud Platform & Moose Cube" after continuous exploration and research on ESS software and hardware technology.


The solution includes two parts: the edge and the cloud, which shows the technical precipitation of Huafon ESS and truly realizes the systematic, transparent and digital technological breakthrough in the industry.


The edge controller "Moose Cube" integrates the functions of communication, control, protection and decision analysis, and realizes the access of power supply, equipment and monitoring with low code technology; the cloud "Moose Cloud Platform" has seven major functions such as battery management, situational awareness and decision analysis. The "White Deer Cloud Platform" in the cloud has seven main functions, such as battery management, situational awareness, and decision analysis, to meet the needs of efficient operation.


The system can be used independently on the cloud side, and can realize integrated control on the cloud side, so as to realize automatic energy control flexibly for different application scenarios and requirements.


Zhang Shunke, general manager of Huafon ESS, said, "No matter how society develops, the user's demand for safe, efficient and green electricity will not change. But ESS is just a hardware that needs to be integrated into the scenario, and the Moose Cloud Platform and Moose Cube is to fill the last gap between hardware to user needs."


Huafon ESS Announces "Moose Cloud Platform

"Moose Cloud Platform & Moose Cube" Hardcore Relay "Carbon Neutral"

"Safety" and "efficiency" are the constant keywords of the ESS industry. Moose Cloud Platform makes comprehensive use of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, and starts from the three main dimensions of battery lifecycle management, cloud-side integrated intelligent control and energy refinement operation, to help users improve power plant production efficiency, reduce energy consumption levels and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises through refinement of energy control management under the premise of ensuring high safety.


As the core of the ESS system, mastering the battery operation status is crucial to the system's operational efficiency and safety. Dong Yuanyun, product director of Huafon ESS, said, "The main feature of the platform is 'cloud-side collaborative control', the cloud is the Moose Cloud Platform, and the side is the Moose Cube. In the industry, most platforms are monitoring and data display, without forming a business closed loop. And we have completed the closed loop from data collection at the edge, data monitoring in the cloud, business analysis, to the final edge control."

Huafon ESS Announces "Moose Cloud Platform

The Moose Cloud Platform and Moose Cube work together to provide full lifecycle operation services for the battery from the cloud to the edge, maximizing its service life and safety.


Meanwhile, with the empowerment of artificial intelligence and other technologies, the Moose Cloud Platform can highly adapt to most scenarios with flexible expansion solutions in application scenarios such as virtual power plants and zero-carbon parks with extremely low technical threshold and manpower requirements, realizing panoramic prediction, strategic optimization and precise control of energy usage.

Huafon ESS Announces "Moose Cloud Platform

As a company focused on energy storage system industry, Huafon ESS has been committed to promoting the development and application of ESS technology and providing customers with the best quality products and services.


In the future of the rapid development of the new energy industry, Huafon ESS will continue to be committed to meeting the diversified needs of customers, providing technological innovation for the industry from both software and hardware levels, promoting global green energy development, and making greater contributions to building a sustainable society.

Making energy safer, more efficient, and cleaner


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